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February 11 2014


'Goodnight, house!': Electronics show CES 2014 promises that the connected home is coming soon

'Goodnight, house!': Electronics show CES 2014 promises that the connected home is coming soon - Gadgets & Tech - Life & Style - The Independent Monday 13 January 2014
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Ariel Sharon Elephant campaign Benefits street George Osborne Greece Michael Gove Technology Life >Gadgets & Tech 'Goodnight, house!': Electronics show CES 2014 promises that the connected home is coming soon The latest gadgets from the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas promise a world of smart objects that will watch, listen and look after us
Ian Burrell Ian Burrell Ian Burrell is Assistant Editor and Media Editor of The Independent.
More articles from this journalist Follow Ian Burrell Monday 06 January 2014
Print Your friend's email address Your email address Note: We do not store your email address(es) but your IP address will be logged to prevent abuse of this feature. Please read our Legal Terms & Policies A A A Email Brace yourself for a year in which apparently normal people start barking orders into their phones, their watches and their spectacles while they walk along the street.
The International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2014 begins this Tuesday in Las Vegas and the annual gadget fest will give an indication of how some of us might be living in the near future. Some 20,000 new products are set to go on display to the delight of more than 150,000 conference visitors.
A centrepiece of the event will be the Samsung Smart Home, a vision of domestic bliss in which household appliances respond to the voice of the homeowner with a level of obedience unmatched by even the most loyal of family pets.
“Going out!” the forgetful resident can yelp into a Samsung smartphone or Galaxy Gear smart watch on departing through the front door - and the home lighting and all selected appliances will miraculously switch themselves off.
“Goodnight!” the lazy geek might purr at the remote control, turning the television off without having to press the off switch. According to Samsung, that same instruction will ensure that “lights [are] dimmed and gradually turned off” to ensure a minimal workload on the way to bed. A “Home View” feature allows homeowners to view remotely the inside of their properties by using cameras built in to Samsung appliances, such as a television or fridge.
A TREWGrip keyboard: The keys face away from the user but allows people to type and enter data into a tablet while standing up (Reuters)
A Smart Home app would be usable across Samsung’s personal devices (such as smart watches, smart phones and tablets) and would use remote computer servers to interact with the company’s wide range of Internet-connected household appliances, including fridges, washing machines, televisions, vacuum cleaners and air conditioning systems.
The idea of the intelligent home has been around for a long time. The notion of a fridge that could communicate on whether any of its contents were past their sell by dates was being discussed 20 years ago.
An oversized tablet could be like the 27-inch Horizon by Lenovo (above) could provide the focal point for the 'smart house' of the future. (Getty)
James Chandler, head of mobile at Mindshare UK, said that the ubiquity of smart phones and the resultant growth in developing apps meant that there was a greater purpose to intelligent white goods because homeowners can connect to them remotely. He cited the Ninja Blocks security system (an idea backed on the Kickstarter crowd funding platform), which uses a sensor to detect movement in the home or garage and sends an alert to the owner’s phone.
“In the past you could have had loads of data being produced by a smart TV or a fridge but nothing would be happening with that data,” he said. “Now I have a smart phone in my pocket I can get a message that I have had a break in or the boiler has broken down and I can make a call instead of waiting until I get home at night to discover what’s gone wrong.”
Samsung has pledged to make its system compatible with household devices produced by other companies - although this has been questioned by observers who note that the Korean giant is notoriously competitive. Consultant Martin Garner of CCS Insight said: “In each category the rival companies are rather fearful of Samsung. The onus is on Samsung to demonstrate that they can make this work.”
Rivals in the field will be exhibiting at CES, notably Archos, which operates a Smart Home tablet powered by Android, and LG which has a HomeChat system linked by SMS text messages. CES 2014: The best gadgets from Las Vegas so far
Aside from the Smart Home, the buzz at this year’s conference is around wearable technology, such as bracelets that monitor your health and measure your fitness. Analysts expect 1.5m wearable devices to be sold in 2014, the year when earpieces for motorola (www.ascilikvepastacilik.org) the wearable computer Google Glass is expected to be launched in the UK. Carrying a video camera in its lightweight glasses-style frame, Google Glass sells to US Google subscribers for $1,500 (£915). Again, users are encouraged to talk to the device. You may become accustomed to passers-by instructing their eyewear with the order: “OK Glass! Google…Take a picture!”
Enerplex portable and flexible solar energy power storage devices (EPA)
After a year in which the snooping activities of America’s National Security Agency have been exposed, CES exhibitors will need to convince the public that compiling even greater levels of personal data is a good thing.
The conference will see the unveiling of the latest versions of the super high definition 4K television sets being pioneered by LG and Samsung.
But perhaps the most quirky of all the intelligent household devices on show must be the “world’s first” smart toothbrush. Here is a gadget that collects sufficient data to enable you to have dental hygiene competitions with other members of your household, a possible incentive to children.
The Kolibree Toothbrush connects to an app on your smartphone to give details on your brushing time as well as measuring the efficiency and thoroughness of your brushing technique, scoring the user between one and five stars. The app includes a graph in which members of the family can compare the length of their brushing sessions and their ability to remove dental plaque.

February 08 2014


The PD782, PD785 & PD702 Hytera Radios are starting to take some of the digital market from.

The PD782, PD785 and PD702 Hytera radios are affordable, as well as being easy to use and providing high quality audio. This is a good combination when it comes to two-way radios, a technology that, by definition, needs to be durable, easily replaceable and effortlessly useable in case of emergency.

The parent company, Hytera, have been operating since 1993 and in that time they have developed a strong reputation as an industry leader. In short, they are in the process of cultivating a trusted international brand. Hytera are an emerging brand with a considerable track record for producing quality technology at premium prices.

Another likely source of Hytera’s recent success is the effectiveness of the Hytera earpiece. The Hytera multi-pin earpiece is designed for use with the PD702 and PD782 radio models. It features excellent playback, as well as being solid and durable. This Hytera earpiece is available for around £40.00 and is a professional level model, proving highly effective for many modern surveillance exercises.

Returning to the two-way radio discussion, Hytera radios include a number of advanced features, including a robust design, as well as a full colour LCD display, something that is a rarity in today’s market. There are also a high number of messaging options.

The PD785 is IP57 rated. This means that it can even be completely submerged for up to 30 minutes without obtaining any significant damage. It can also switch between analogue and digital mode and features full digital encryption.

Hytera have received a boost in sales because they have created a series earpieces for motorola (amazon.co.uk) of products that are up-to-date, hardwearing and professional. Two-way radios need to be reliable as a matter of fact, which is why these products are selling so well.
Tags: amazon.co.uk

February 04 2014


Secured Investments Secured Foreseeable future

A most recent examination by Barclays Wealth has found that one hundred% of Qatari large web worth folks have Qatar true estate investments in their portfolios. Qatari respondents expressed a optimistic viewpoint for the true estate sector with another 100% stating that true radio earpiece (http://stevegasiltz.weebly.com/) estate would be a safe investment decision over the next twelve months. That report, Danger and Policies: The Position of Management in Monetary Decision Making, is based on a global survey of over two,000 HNWIs, and offers a profound assessment of rich investors to spend in Doha flats and Doha rentals. Beside considering the diverse economic persona qualities that present among rich investors, the report shows their sights on some of the main asset group sorts like True estate funds equities from both created and rising marketplaces bonds from produced governments, high yield/emerging marketplaces and commodities and so forth. Qatari HNWIs expressed unsure sentiments towards expense in different approaches.nnNearly 50 percent believe they are neither dangerous nor protected, some perceive them to be dangerous while others consider the total reverse check out and think they are secure. Equities more attract focus to diverse investment views among Qatari buyers significant quantity of respondents find investments in growing market equities dangerous, nonetheless far more or considerably less closely the same share find them not hazardous. There is, nevertheless, a greater variation when it will come to designed industry equities, as an evident bulk of respondents considers them a protected expenditure prospect for their portfolio.nnInvestments in designed govt bonds are regarded protected by more than 50 percent of the traders while Company and expenditure grade bonds are also considered risk-free by a large p.c of these surveyed, whilst only minority views them as risky. High generate and rising marketplace bonds are deemed protected by a a lot reduce proportion of investors.nnWith no respondents viewing commodities as quite dangerous and really handful of seeing this asset class as really dangerous, Qatari traders show a lot more self confidence in commodities than any other marketplaces in the entire world. As the report evidently illustrates, there are significant variations between investors in Qatar so this is a timely token that the wealth administration industry needs to tailor its companies at the specific level and that 1 for all approaches will not function.nnThe upcoming Planet Cup has cause a increase in property transactions and so landlords have reduced or taken out phrases in incentive consider-up. There are a number of new developments at the moment in development. These programs are adding room to a marketplace that is previously above supplied. Qatar real estate builders holding credit card debt have also seen descent in their capacity to reimburse financial loans on the again of declining rents in the region. Regardless of regional unsteadiness, Qatar actual estate alone is an extremely settled state and the financial projections like fast development, sustained enlargement of the essential power sector and appreciable recent account surpluses.nnSome of the prospects at present in house for sale in Qatar industry are the intensification of property related to the 2022 FIFA World Cup, and a increase in need shared with difficult obtain to finance by builders that will most probably support decrease the fairly substantial vacancy rates. A handful of important risks to the Qatar real estate marketplace are that demand from customers is envisioned to be relatively less than the large volume of new offer coming on to the industry. Hitherto, Qatar has escaped any political turbulence of its very own but the community is disturbed and, specifically if Iran is involved, Qatar could see difficulty attain its shores.

February 01 2014


The kenwood earpiece, what two way radios and connectors do they work on?

One of the best choices are the two-pin connector along with the multi-pin connector. The 2 pin type features two connector pins and the multi-pin model features multiple pins. Any disparity in performance may be a subject of client discretion.

The 2-pin connector’s earpiece includes an in-line PTT (push-to-talk) button and a in-built mic. It also has a surveillance audio tube and comes complete with a clothing clip. This Kenwood accessory is available for just over £20 (excluding shipping and handling fees).

The multi-pin connected earpiece is a different type of connector totally. However, the earpiece is identical, since it also features an in-line PTT button, a built-in microphone, surveillance tube and clothing clip. The price is motorola radio earpiece; visualtargeting.org, a little bit extra than the 2-pin version.

Both types of Kenwood earpiece could be upgraded by paying extra cash which enable it to include features like the ‘swivel’ earloop, for enlarged ease of use and comfort, a noise-reduction feature with the steel clothing clip (replacing the plastic version).

The types of connectors matching with Kenwood radios are imperfect compared with other manufacturers, but Kenwood know when to concentrate on a certain area, as at times less is more.

Kenwood 2 way radios may only link via two varieties of connector, but their gear is among one of the best in the world. A Kenwood radio consumer will not have to pay undue time probing his/her choices and researching them before purchase, provided the connector/earpiece falls into one of their two aforementioned categories, then the gear will work fine.

EarpieceOnline have been producing quality products since 2007 and they have a long history of confidence, customer loyalty and cutting edge gear. For this reason, Kenwood earpieces are popular and typically sell on the internet..

January 28 2014


Dramatic rise in hearing aid app downloads

Almost 190 people per day are downloading a mobile app that turns an iPhone into a hearing aid, making it the most downloaded medical app in some countries.
In just three months BioAid downloads have risen by 17,000 with feedback from around the world suggesting it is having a visualtargeting.org (Read Webpage) revolutionary impact on people's lives.
The number of downloads of BioAid, which was developed by researchers at the University of Essex and is available free, hit the 18,000 mark last week.
Professor Ray Meddis, of the University's Department of Psychology, said: "Since April we have had 17,000 downloads from people all over the world. This is part of a research project with the ultimate aim of improving the lives of those who have trouble hearing and we need their feedback to be able to deliver a product that works for them."

Testimonials on the BioAid website suggest the algorithm behind the app - which, unlike standard hearing aids uses technology inspired by the way the human ear works - is having a profound impact on the way people with hearing loss communicate.
The mother of a young user who has Down's Syndrome said: "Since downloading the BioAid app on his iPad and iPod, my son is actively taking part in class discussions."
The son of an 88-year-old user in the USA said: "The effect for him (and for my mother) was dramatic. For the first time in several years…they could now carry on a regular conversation in normal voice, even when sitting about 10 feet apart."
Unlike standard hearing aids in which amplification is based on engineering principles, the algorithm behind the BioAid app is inspired by biology and replicates the complexities of the human ear. The app puts the user in control, is available to anyone, anywhere without the need for a hearing test, and potentially holds the key to a future where tiny, phone-based hearing aids can be dispensed and adjusted remotely.
Realising the potential of the algorithm behind BioAid, Nick Clark, a Visiting Fellow at Essex and part of Professor Meddis' team created the mobile app. He hopes this is just the beginning: "There is potentially much more we can do with BioAid. At present, BioAid works only on the iPhone but the possibility of sharing this on cheaper android devices is currently being considered.
"We are also listening to user feedback to see how BioAid can be adapted to help with the communication requirements they have identified. In particular we are hearing from many disadvantaged groups who could benefit such as the elderly, infirm, and isolated, often living in countries where health services are less well developed."
User feedback certainly suggests the research team has hit upon what could prove to be an important development in the advancement of hearing aid technology with one user commenting: "What distinguishes BioAid from the competition is the availability within the app of multiple settings to meet the needs of different types of hearing loss… In a sense, you have the kind of control over frequency curves that usually only an audiologist would. It works."
Tags: Read Webpage

January 25 2014


Silicon Valley techies who take the elderly seriously

Kai Stinchcombe isn't your typical Millennial in Silicon Valley.
At age 30, he has launched a company that targets a consumer group that doesn't interest most tech companies in the neighborhood: the elderly.
Stinchcombe's company, True Link, is posed to roll out a debit card tied to software that can guard unsuspecting seniors against financial fraud and abuse. It's meant to address a huge, underreported problem that results in financial losses of $2.9 billion a year in the United States, according to a Metlife study.

And fraud will only worsen with the aging of the baby boom generation, which will create a vast, tempting group of targets for scammers hawking things like fake charities, magazine subscriptions, overpriced hearing aids and home repairs.
But when Stinchcombe has pitched his idea to funders, potential partners and even employees, the reactions have been frustrating.
"People will say, 'Oh this is great - you could issue this card to teenagers, too.' Or, 'How are you going to get out of that niche market for elderly people!' A niche market? Are you kidding me?"

Indeed, the potential market for products targeting aging Americans is hardly a niche - and its growing at an explosive pace. The population of people over age 65 will hit 81 million in 2050, up from 37 million in 2005, according to the Pew Research Center. That translates into 19 percent of the total population, compared with 12 percent in 2005.

Stinchcombe, True Link's chief executive officer, thinks Silicon Valley tends to ignore that trend line because of its youthful culture. He has raised $1.1 million to launch the card, which will hit the market early next year. But he also has allied True Link with Aging 2.0, a new business accelerator in San Francisco focused on spurring innovation in products and services for the 50-plus market.

True Link is one of 11 early-stage companies named to the first class of Aging 2.0's GENerator accelerator program, which provides entrepreneurs with access to mentors, investors and market research opportunities among older adults.
The companies range in their maturity level. Some are very early-stage businesses with bootstrap or angel funding, others have raised their first rounds of investment capital. Along with True Link, they include CareLinx, an online marketplace for professional in-home caregiving services; Lift Hero, a platform for a door-to-door age-friendly ride service; and Sabi, a product design firm with a focus on aging.

This first six-month program will culminate with a customer and investor conference in May 2014.
Aging 2.0 is based at the Institute on Aging in San Francisco, a hub of aging services that includes two independent living facilities, an adult day care center and a University of California at San Francisco geriatric clinic. The founders are two entrepreneurs who got interested as a result of their experiences with aging family members and associates.

Katy Fike, a 34-year-old former investment banker, quit the business to earn a Ph.D. in gerontology, and Stephen Johnston, 40, a Harvard MBA, worked in the mobile phone industry before getting involved with dementia research and funding.

"I grew up with considerably older parents and grandparents," Fike says. "My grandmother broke her hip at age 90, so I was exposed to the problems and stresses with caregiving at a young age, but never thought it was something to focus on professionally. But on 9/11, I was in the World Financial Center, and after that I knew I didn't want to spend my life doing spreadsheets until 2 in the morning."
Her mother encouraged her to read about innovations in geriatric medicine, and she was hooked. "I was struck by the magnitude of opportunities, and how they could help people I always cared about." She enrolled in a master's degree program in gerontology at the University of Southern California, ultimately sticking around to finish a Ph.D.

Aging 2.0's operating costs are covered through sponsorships bought by established organizations in healthcare and longevity. It also has taken small equity stakes (a maximum of 2 percent) in the GENerator companies, which may - or may not - provide longer-term returns.

Fike and Johnston selected the first GENerator cohort after hearing pitches from 1,000 companies at 30 events they had hosted in 10 countries. The companies are focused on enhancing independence, boosting social connectivity, empowering family caregivers and improving care coordination.

The founders range in age from mid-20s to mid-60s, and include entrepreneurs and seasoned executives from organizations including Google, Apple, McKinsey & Co., NASA, Morgan Stanley and Stanford University.
"The quality and quantity of entrepreneurs coming into this space is surging," Fike says.
Stinchcombe got interested in elder financial abuse after his grandmother became a fraud target. She began experiencing memory loss at age 83 and over time fell victim to a growing number of financial frauds. "First it was donating to sham charities. My mother and I would try to get her off the mailing lists, but by the time you do that, they'd have sold her name to someone else. She also got the famous late-night phone call from someone claiming to be her favorite grandchild, stuck with a broke-down car in Canada, who needs her to wire money. There was a company that was recommending an extraordinarily overpriced hearing aid."

Stinchcombe has a background writing analytics software, and conceived True Link as a way to curb financial abuse by funneling seniors' financial transactions through a single debit card that can be monitored through software, and online by family members.

The product is a Visa debit card, linked to an FDIC-insured bank account. For a $10 monthly fee, True Link's software will be able to block unwanted purchases, issue e-mail alerts to family members for any suspicious-looking transactions and set total monthly dollar amounts for certain categories of spending.

"The idea is to get away from a blunt instrument for the caregiver, like reviewing bank transactions every day or giving a cash allowance," he says. "That's a pain, it takes a ton of time and it limits the freedom of the elderly person. I wanted something more automated and low-touch, so the person goes on with an independent lifestyle - but when something does go wrong, the family can be looking out for them."
It sounds like a win-win - radio earpieces (http://davidgreenports.blogspot.co.uk/) unless you're peddling magazine subscriptions.

For more from Mark Miller, see link.reuters.com/qyk97s
(Follow us @ReutersMoney or here. Editing by Douglas Royalty)

January 21 2014


How do You Select a Convenient Bluetooth Headset

Technology is a continuum evolution and new tools and appliances appear all the time.
They aim to respond to the high market demands that are always waiting for a new and improved feature to appear. The older models start to disappear slowly and great improvements are brought all the type. This happens in almost all the fields and consumers are always searching for the best.

headsets 4 business ltdThus, this has happened in the case of mobile phones too. One of the most recent enhancements is the release of the amazing Bluetooth headset, which allows a series of other actions while speaking of the phone. It was created whereas keeping in mind the people's motorola radio earpiece (www.sepuraearpiece.Co.uk) primary necessities and intends to ease as much the whole process and to bring as incendiary additions as possible.

In addition, not every bluetooth headset is of high quality and match perfectly the client's needs and requirements. They can fir the older models, be of poor quality or be useless replicas after the original models. Therefore, when purchasing a Bluetooth headset it is good to pay attention to few things that play an important role in its well-functioning.
In the next paragraphs are presented the most important structures that a valuable headset has to display in order to be a good acquisition.

Firstly, it ought to have a relatively small size and must not be very heavy. The most recent devices of this type weight very little and are maximum five cm long. After all, they hang on they are worn on the user's ear therefore if they are heavy they would be very uncomfortable.
Also, it is advisable to choose an adequate design, which is relatively simple and fits several outfits. It is not proper for it to pop out through a sparkling color.

Furthermore, before purchasing such a Bluetooth headset, make sure it has ear loops that can be easily adjusted and fie well the natural physiognomy. In retail stores, it is usually allowed to test the product and see how well it fits. Also, it should not be very expensive, it is neither a cell phone nor something indispensable after all, and their battery is supposed to last for at least five hours of continuous conversation.
Likewise, pay attention at the clarity of the sound and the kind of technology it used to increase the hearing comfort. Excellent headsets can isolate the surrounding noises.

January 17 2014


Why are beats headset some of the best on the market?

In today’s market, celebrity counts for a lot.

In this world of Twitter feeds, Google trends and reality TV, name value can make or break a new product. The name of a brand is important and, accordingly, terms like ‘brand awareness’ and ‘brand identity’ have migrated from the meeting rooms of corporate America and into our daily lives.

communication4all handwritingThe next level, then, is celebrity endorsement. An old-as-the-hills concept that has been picked up, dusted off and given a brand new sheen, the 21st century’s take on celebrity endorsement functions mainly as an amalgamation of two pre-existing brands; in this case, the celebrity’s name (and any values associated with it) and the product manufacturer’s name and brand.

Using this method, Beats were able to transition from what would have been ‘just another consumer electronics outfit’ to a company now closely linked with Hip Hop culture, fashion and music. Before Beats hooked up with superstar rapper ‘Dr. Dre’, consumers had to customize their own music systems to the tune of their preferred type of music. In fact, this writer vividly remembers sticking a ‘DANGER: HIGH VOLTAGE’ earpieces for motorola, www.soulcommunications.net, sign on the back of an iPod, in order to indicate a love of heavy-duty rock n roll.

Yeah, that worked.

Kids these days go to great lengths to advertise their favourite brands. They buy the tour T-shirts, the hoodies and the limited edition sneakers but, no matter how solidly their fledgling sense of identity may be rooted in the process of consumption, the music itself is still being played through bland, nondescript speaker units. These are speakers that might be used by any other customer for anything from Mozart to Motorhead. Latterly, brands like SkullCandy and Beats have emerged with specific genres of music in mind, and these devices are branded, brazen and instantly recognizable on the streets.

Now, ‘Beats by Dr. Dre’ may be expensive headphones, but they are the only product of their type out there at the moment. Dr. Dre himself has personally approved the design and the specifications are, according to him, the best way to listen to Hip Hop music (his own in particular). The headphones have already proven to be massive sales successes, (despite the price tag) and this is due, almost entirely, to the expert marketing employed by Beats (and the good doctor himself, of course).

So, these are the high-fashion headphones to have, the ultimate accessory for an upcoming rapper with paper to burn. These are as essential a product as the albums they’re designed for listening to.

January 14 2014


How Does Noise Cancellation Work?

If you’ve walked down any street, anywhere in the United Kingdom, at any point in the last decade, you’ll know that the Britain of the early 21st Century is noisy, crowded and busy.

People shuttle past you with headphones on, mobile phones in front of their faces and sometimes, seemingly talking to themselves (until you notice the Bluetooth headset). Many is the time I’ve heard somebody talking and turned around to address them, only to see that they aren’t talking to me at all. There are more cars on the road and there are more roads for the cars to drive on. Yes, this country is a busy place and sometimes you want to just shut it all out.

You might be trying to hear a client’s requests on your hands free headset, or you might just want to forget everything else around you and listen to music. For these reasons (and a few more) noise cancelling headsets are growing in popularity at an alarming rate. In fact, they are a great invention, and a necessary one.

But how does such wondrous technology work?

Well, to put it simply, earpieces for motorola (ascilikvepastacilik.org) there are two forms of noise cancelling headsets. The first is pretty basic. Standard noise cancellation occurs whenever you put anything in (or over) your ears. In fact, this simple fact is only really utilized by the design of the headphones themselves. If they cover your ears, or block them with ear buds, then you are achieving basic noise cancellation. We’ll call that ‘passive’ noise cancellation.

The second type, we’ll call ‘active’ noise cancellation. With this type, a special technology is used. Active noise cancelling headsets generate a field of white noise around the ear, which acts as something of a vacuum and drowns out pretty much any noise around the wearer. These noise cancelling headsets are useful and they work a treat if you happen to live near any road works.

There is, of course, a downside. With some noise cancelling headsets, you actually have a hard time hearing, well, anything at all. This is fine when the ambient sound is limited to kids playing chavvy music on their phones, or else uppity couples arguing (so violently that you suspect ‘The Jeremy Kyle Show’ might be holding secret auditions somewhere) and noisy delivery lorries trundling past, but it can be a bit of a downer when you don’t hear oncoming cars, or phrases like “Ow! You stepped on my foot!”

So that’s how it works.

January 10 2014


The headphones revolution: bright colours, street styling spark new craze

Anyone considering buying headphones for a young relative this Christmas, take care before splashing out the £150 or more that the most fashionable – the Beats, or Skullcandy, or Urbanears models – can cost.

Each brand marks them out as one of a "tribe", regardless of sound quality. Whereas 20 years ago the most important thing for a teenager was the brand of trainer on their feet – Nike, Reebok or Adidas – now it's the brand covering their ears that matters.

headphone hoodie walmartBeats headphones, with their red cord and large "b" on the earpieces, began appearing in music videos in late 2008, largely through the efforts of the company's co-founders, the rapper Dr Dre and the music entrepreneur Jimmy Iovine. That sparked rocketing sales to a teenage demographic looking for a new way to distinguish themselves out from their peers.

In doing so, Beats' emergence showed that high-priced headphones would sell, becoming as much a fashion accessory as a gadget, commanding prices over £200 – a bracket previously reserved for the audiophile niche.

A decade ago, the white tendrils of an iPod's headphones might have marked the wearer out as trendy; nowadays it makes them just one of the crowd, and Apple's in-ear headphones are too common to bother with. A teenager wanting to stand out needs something big – and bold.

"Companies like Beats and Skullcandy have realised that kids today want something that looks better, over questions of sound quality," says Sam Ruffe, who works at The Kinc, a marketing agency whose clients include Skullcandy.

And those kids (or their parents) will pay: worldwide, the market for headphones will be worth over £5bn ($8bn) this year, with 284m units shipped, according to the consumer consultancy Futuresource; over-ear headphones grabbed half of sales. And Beats alone will grab around £1.25bn – while the total market is forecast to grow by 5% annually for the next five years.

Skullcandy was originally designed for skiers and snowboarders, by Rick Alden, who got the idea on a chairlift in Park City, Utah. Starting in 2003, he managed to persuade skating and skiing shops to stock the product, which became known as an "extreme sports" brand.

Urbanears, meanwhile, brought Scandinavian design and a flourish of colour to the burgeoning headphone market, releasing two "collections" of headphones a year in limited-edition colours.

The continued success of Beats brought competition as these other brands began chasing the new demographic of people willing to spend money to wear their branding choice on their ears. Skullcandy moved off the slopes and into the high street. Now, they are more likely to be seen on the bus than on the piste.

Audiophiles aren't impressed by the brigade of bolshy Beats products, which often pride bass and look over acoustic refinement. "I just bought a set of the Beats Solo HD headphones – it's a Christmas gift for my 13-year-old daughter," Chris Miller, a software engineer, told the Guardian, adding: "I think they are overpriced and you are paying a premium for the brand name. They aren't bad, but I have headphones that sound better for half the price that I paid for the Beats."

Sound quality, though, isn't necessarily the point – which may have been missed by more traditional "audiophile" brands such as Germany's Sennheiser, the Dutch brand Philips and the American Bose, who were caught unaware that colouring the earpiece and cord green or red could affect sales as much as their sound quality.

Andy Watson of Futuresource says you might struggle to tell some headphones apart at the factory. "With everyone owning the same generic-looking personal audio player or mobile phone, it's the headphones that do the differentiating. There is certainly cachet and brand equity attached to many of the brands, beyond their intrinsic value. Much of it is about positioning a lifestyle rather than a product."

Yet the growing tribalism of headphone ownership has led to derision in some quarters – such as the blog "Long Way From Compton", which features pictures of people wearing Beats headphones, and measuring the distance from there to the notorious gang-ridden Los Angeles district from which Dr Dre emerged.

It's in the can

Beats Studio

Arguably one of the headphones that kicked off the large and colourful trend, the original Beats by Dre headphones drove appeal through product placement in music videos. Pushed by the music marketing powerhouse of Dr Dre (pictured above) and Jimmy Iovine, Beats brought big, aggressive bass-y sound at a big price and made it fashionable.

Bowers & Wilkins P5

Proving that expensive, fashionable headphones could sound good, the Bowers & Wilkins P5 ooze luxury and sound great, with excellent noise isolation and good range, which makes the equally pricey Beats sound downright mediocre.

Bose QuietComfort

The commuter's favourite, Bose took noise-cancelling technology – which silences the outside world by blasting sound waves to cancel out the noise leaving only the music audible – and made it popular. On their third revision, the Bose QuietComforts are still the active noise-cancelling headphones to beat for many.

Sennheiser Momentum

Long-standing quality audio company Sennheiser was late to the stylish headphone game, but its Momentum series combines a sophisticated look with top-notch acoustics.


A collaboration between the French designer Philippe Starck and the Bluetooth specialists Parrot, Zik headphones are some of the best wireless headphones around, with intuitive touch controls, active noise-cancelling, and sound profiles and acoustics that can be modified with iPhone and Android apps.

Skullcandy Crusher

motorola cp040 earpieceBattery-powered bass means that the Crusher gives real wallop to what otherwise might just be loud music. Cavernous earpieces (made of "soft touch" leather) also come with a powered mini-amplifier, foldable hinge (for storage) and a microphone and remote on the detachable headphone cable. CA and SG

Source - http://www.theguardian.com/technology/2013/dec/06/headphones-market-beats-by-dre

If you have any type of concerns concerning where and ways to use earpieces for motorola - http://reviews.cnet.com/,, you could call us at our website.

Advantages of Bluetooth Headset

As you could see from the huge selection of Bluetooth headsets that're offered in the marketplace, it can be very complicated to choose which one to purchase.
This short manual is supposed to assist you to through this selection procedure so that you obtain the headset that's ideal for you.
The Bluetooth headset is definitely an essential item which has lots of advantages. It is used when ever driving a vehicle it makes working with your phone legitimate; used in the road it doesn't show your cell phone which can cause you to be a target; it spots a range between your cell phone and the head so removing the health issues of cell phone usage; and that could make a style statement.

Earlier Bluetooth headsets seemed very nerdy and weird. Nowadays fortunately they 're much more highly discreet and trendy; some are eye-catching. Their efficiency has also enhanced substantially as has the battery lifetime. The earlier types implemented Bluetooth 1.
2 standard protocols that had major restrictions. The more modern day people benefit from Bluetooth 2. 0 that's much quicker at creating connections, offers much enhanced sound quality and offers prolonged battery lifetime.

headphone hoodie walmartIn this article we will examine some of the essential things to think about prior to helping to make your purchase. These're headset style, convenience, battery lifetime, sound quality, mono vs. Stereo system, charging and functionality.
Which Bluetooth Headset has Style?
Since it has been previously stated that modern day Bluetooth headsets do not have to seem geeky plus some are absolutely trendy. Many are small so they easily fit in your ear in that way which enables them nearly invisible. People have hearing clips that offer a safer mounting but make sure they are more visible.

Several are available in the range of trendy colors with changeable themes, several have the look of (and truly are) higher technological know-how. Definitely you should select a style that you'd feel relaxed to put on and that will seem excellent on you.
How Weighty?
Earlier Bluetooth headsets were reasonably large and heavy compared to modern day types and often weighted more than twenty two gram that could become very unpleasant if used for very long periods. These days it's possible to purchase those headsets which weight just 8 to 10 grms.

These are much simpler to use and you can certainly overlook you're using one and get really enjoy.

To read more info regarding soulcommunications.net (click through the following website) review the site.

January 07 2014


How to select a Bluetooth headset which is best for you?

Are you planning to buy a Bluetooth headset but are confused which one you should pick from the wide variety of Bluetooth headsets offered by numerous brands?
If yes, then you have clicked the right link. After the next seven minutes, you will be sure what sort of device is most suitable for you.
While purchasing the best Bluetooth headset, you must keep the following points in mind.

1.      Price:  This device is available in a wide range of prices. If your budget is not very high, then devices that fall in the average price range be a good choice too.
2.      Sound Quality: Quality of sound is something one cannot compromise as well as the volume control which proves to be of most help when the connection is weak. Try searching the one with DSP Technology which adjusts the background noise too.

3.      Pairing: Pairing is basically the ability of a Bluetooth accessory to search and as well as recognize other that has their Bluetooth enabled. An efficient Bluetooth headset can quickly locate and work with about seven devices.
4.      Ease of use: Your device should be comfortable. If your headset contains an ear-hook, make sure it can fit comfortably. The size should also be comfortable for you. “In-the-ear” headsets are not considered very comfortable but their sound quality is good.

5.      Range: Choose a device that works well in the range of 10 meters at least. Verify this range on both areas; obstructed as well as unobstructed.
6.      Battery: Commonly, they have a short battery life. Long lasting one’s can support about 8 hours of talk time and about 100 hours when they aren’t in use. Also check how much time does its recharging demand.
7.      Compatibility: Make sure that your headset is at least 1.1 technology. It should be compatible with the version supported by your cell phone.

8.      Voice activation feature:  See if your Bluetooth headset supports voice-activation feature. If it does, see what functions you can perform through it. This will help you to use the device without using your hands, especially while you drive.
9.      Functionality:  Its features should be easy to access, like mute, volume control, voice dialling etc.
10.  Design and Appearance: There are right now two major styles: Boom and No Boom. New designs are constantly coming in the market each day so be sure to do a bit of research before buying one.

If you liked this article and you also would like to be given more info relating to radio earpieces (www.soulcommunications.net) nicely visit the web site.

January 03 2014


C.T.S Wireless Earpiece-FM Spy Earbud Wireless Earphone Walkie-talkie And Wallet Receiver

ThisSpy Wireless Earphone receiving kit is for maximum transmitting message discreetly from a Walkie-talkie transmitter to a cordless earpiece receiver.

Walkie Talkie Earphone is perfect for covert operations such as law enforcement, casino security and protection personnel.
The tiny earbud fits into your ear and can receive audio instruction from your partner up to 3000 meters away.
Receiver consists of two main parts, a wallet shaped receiver, and a earpiece. The Wallet Receiver appears exact same as a ordinary wallet, cordless earpiece is virtually invisible to the eye.

It ensures complete covert reception from transmitter, allows you to listen to message wherever transmitter is located.
With maximum convenience, clarity and discretion.
This handheld VHF/UHF FM Tranmitter is an easy-used communication tool to send message to bundled receiver, holding in hand or taking into packet is suitable.
High technology is changing our life, this walkie-talkie changes our communication. The function key PTT key, monitor key and number keys make the operation very convenient.

With 99 memory channels, adoption of phase-lock loop frequency synthesis, micro-computer controller, and the LED apheliotropic lights, the multi-function FM transceiver is valuable.
The high quality original battery can last a long time to use. More than these, there is a relaxing way to talk by its Chinese-English voice annunciation function and original sound.
The light on the top and the sound "Open the radio" remind you it is ready to work. Here is a tips, the extra purchasing earphone can be plugged into the Speaker/Microphone jacks, which is on the right side.

Features:Wireless Spy Earpiece
Frequency range(MHz): VHF 136.000~174.000UHF 400.000~470.000
Walkie-Talkie Charger: 6V DC
Charger input power: 220V 50Hz
Battery: Nickel hydrogen battery
Memory channel: 99 channels
Antenna: Inductively loaded antenna
Antenna impedance: 50O
Working manner: Same frequency single operation or different frequency single operation
Ground method: Negative pole
Dimension(mm): 10.2 x 5.2 x 2.8cm
Total weight: 673g

Launching parts:
Output power: =3W
Modulation mode: Frequency modulation
Maximum frequency deviation: =5KHz
Remanent radiation: <-60dBm
Preemphasis character: 6dB per fold frequency patch
Emission current: =800mA
Receiving parts:
Sensitivity: <0.16V (12dB SINAD)
Silent sensitivity: <0.2V
Intel modulation anti-interference: 50dB
Audio frequency power: =300mW
Receiving current: =100mA
Silent waiting: 20mA
Package Content:

1 x Walkie-talkie
1 x Spy Earbud Wireless Receiving Kit
1 x Wallet Receiver
1 x antenna
1 x clip mount
1 x AC charger
1 x manual
Wireless Spy Earpiece

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January 01 2014


The headset for a Xbox 360, what you need to know

Xbox has been something of a revelation since its initial release back in 2001. At the time, many of us (including this writer) had our doubts about the viability of a Microsoft gaming console. But Xbox got off to a cracking start and has since showed no signs of slowing down.

A case in point; the founders of this site had a friend who had asked his parents for a PS2 for Christmas and was incredibly disappointed on Christmas Day when he learned that they had mistakenly bought him an Xbox. Now however, some 12 years later, he is still an Xbox gamer and shows little, if any, interest in getting a PS3.

Why’s that then? Xbox is great for playing online, alone, or with a few friends and has successfully married the best of PC gaming with the best of console gaming. The games are enthralling, immersive multiplayer adventures that keep you entertained for hours...And therein lays the problem.

Y’see, although the online functions are absolutely incredible, you still need a headset in order to liaise with other players verbally. In addition, if you want to stay up past your partner’s bed time because you’ve ‘just gotten to the good bit’ (we’ve all been there), then you’ll also need a headset. Likewise, if your housemate or significant other is watching the TV and doesn’t want the atmospheric music and chilling sound effects of the latest Xbox release (for whatever reason), you’ll need a headset.

I suppose you can see the point that we’re (rather forcefully) trying to make here.

A headset really does open up a whole new dimension of the Xbox, or, at least, a good one does. A bad headset just sounds, well...Sketchy. How can you have fun listening to your enemies beg you not to grind them into the dust (as you grind them into the dust) when their desperate pleas are all crackly and static-y? Or, failing that, you might, mishear your squadron commander as you open fire on your own team and blow the mission straight to hell. Worse still, you’ll have absolutely no excuse when called away to take out the recycling in the middle of a high-pitched space battle. Yeah, you heard it (dammit).

You don’t just need a headset. You need a good headset.

That’s where we come in.

Our site gives you up to date news, reviews and features on all things Xbox-headset related. We offer the best selections, the best prices and the best advice that money can buy...Actually, that last part isn’t true. In actuality, its three geeks huddled round a laptop, but you get the idea.

Did we mention that you should get a headset?

If you beloved this posting and you would like to get a lot more data regarding walkie talkie earpiece (reviews.cnet.com) kindly check out the web page.

December 30 2013


Motorola's Moto G: A perfect phone for emerging markets like India?

SAN FRANCISCO: Motorola Mobility, the handset maker owned by Google, is still trying to find its niche in the smartphone market.

Sales of Motorola's high-end smartphone, the Moto X, have been slow. Now the company is targeting the low end of the market with a less expensive phone, but with a major limitation - the phone won't be released in China, the biggest market for low-end phones.

The lower-priced phone, Moto G, was announced by the company Wednesday. It costs at least $180 without a contract, and Motorola thinks it will appeal to people in places like Brazil, Chile and Peru, where there are more than 500 million potential customers.

Much of its appeal for those customers would be Google's Internet services that are embedded in the phone. But in China, the government blocks some Google services, including Play, Google's official online store, making Motorola's new smartphone far less smart there.

"Our ability to compete there is a bit constrained," Dennis Woodside, Motorola's chief executive, said in an interview. "Moto G won't be offered in China, initially at least."

Still, Motorola believes that the phone will appeal to enough people outside of China to be a success. Unlike many cheap smartphones on the market, the Moto G will have a big high-resolution screen and run the latest Android software to support the latest apps on the market. It has a 4.5-inch screen, which puts it between the smaller iPhone 5S and the larger Galaxy S4 from Samsung Electronics.

There are some trade-offs that come with making the phone less expensive. The Moto G is bulkier than many popular smartphones - weighing 5 ounces, it is more than an ounce heavier than an iPhone 5S, which costs $650 without a contract.

The Moto G also lacks a special feature that made Moto X, its higher-priced sibling, stand out: the ability of the device to continually listen for a user's voice and quickly react to commands.

But the low-end smartphone's goal is not to be a flashy piece of gadgetry representing the latest innovation. It is an effort by Motorola to return to growth by reaching as many people as possible, according to Woodside.

"Google's mission is to organize all the world's information and make it universally accessible," he said. "For Motorola, one of the things we're trying to do is create a very-high-quality mobile Internet experience over time for hundreds of millions of people."

Smartphones have surpassed the traditional cellphone in sales in the United States and some parts of Europe, and many manufacturers are looking overseas for growth. While Apple and Samsung make most of the profit in the worldwide smartphone market, the makers of cheaper phones - including Huawei, Yulong and ZTE of China, and Micromax and Karbonn of India - are selling well in emerging markets where high-end smartphones are not popular.

However, like other American companies, Motorola will most likely face tough competition overseas, where many manufacturers have been selling low-end smartphones for years for less than the Moto G. Details about the Moto G leaked online ahead of Motorola's official announcement, and some analysts who looked at the specifications did not find it very compelling.

"It's heavy, thick and it's pretty expensive," said Tero Kuittinen, an analyst for Alekstra, a mobile trends research firm.

Along with the bulkier size, the $180 price tag is still not as aggressive as what some other manufacturers have released in the low end of the market, Mr. Kuittinen added. For example, Samsung's Galaxy Young, which weighs 3.4 ounces and has a 3-inch screen, costs $100 on Amazon.com. Chinese handset makers like Huawei and ZTE also make Android phones that cost as little as $100.

Motorola says it will sell the Moto G at a profit. The device will go on sale Wednesday in Brazil and parts of Europe, and then in January in other parts of the world like India and Southeast Asia. The phone will also go on sale in January in the United States, where the company thinks the device could appeal to people who cannot afford a fancy smartphone, particularly children.

The success of the Moto G will largely depend on how aggressive Motorola and Google market it, said Chetan Sharma, an independent telecom analyst who does consulting for carriers. Motorola will not only have to advertise the phone, but it will also have to persuade the carriers to train retail workers to sell the device to consumers who walk into the store, he said.

But along with being unable to sell phones in China, Motorola faces another big limitation. Unlike most manufacturers, Motorola, which Google bought last year for $12.5 billion and then retooled, has to be cautious about its approach to selling hardware. If it were too aggressive - for example, if it were to sell the smartphones at a loss and make the money back later with ads - it could harm Google's partners who sell phones using Google's Android operating system, which could eventually move people away from Android devices.

"That's the tight line they always have to walk," Mr. Sharma said. "How hard and how far do they push their own devices?" Post a commentALSO ON TOI
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Motorola Mobility, the handset maker owned by Google, is still trying to find its niche in the smartphone market.

If you cherished this write-up and you would like to receive extra data relating to walkie talkie earpieces - http://www.scintillacommunications.com/, kindly stop by the web site.

December 27 2013


Get rid of wire with Bluetooth Headset

One other popular variety will be Bluetooth Headset, which might be still wireless in addition to use infrared frequency waves in the direction of achieve communication between your relevant devices.
These types of earphones have got limitations in the midst of the intention of Bluetooth headsets have gotten over. In favor of example, the signal or simply transmission range of Wireless Bluetooth earphones are able in the direction of go over a radius up in the direction of a hundred meters, specifically in favor of Class one units.

R Bluetooth Headset, having said that, can certainly cover a bigger radius, but they also feed on a lot more energy than Bluetooth-equipped headsets do. Hence, when it comes in the direction of signal coverage in addition in the direction of power usage, just about any headphone in the midst of Bluetooth ability gets the best combination.

telecommunications construction equipment pricingAnother advantage in the midst of the intention of makes Bluetooth earphones a more rewarding replacement of the other wire-less Bluetooth Headset is the number of products which you can use in the midst of them. The most widespread devices in the midst of the intention of you can use your Bluetooth capable earphones in the midst of will be cellular phones, media players, personal computers, as well as game boxes.

These days, the commonest product combined in the midst of Bluetooth capable headphones are actually cell phones in addition in the direction of personal digital assistants (PDA). Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP) allows quite a few mobile devices in addition to personal digital assistants in the direction of stream high-quality audio tracks in the direction of the Bluetooth capable headsets.

In favor of you, this simply means eliminating the irritation of making use of “cable " earphones only in the direction of listen in the direction of audio through the cell phone or Personal digital assistant. However, in the midst of the intention of is just part of the bigger picture. Quite a few wireless earphones have built-in mics. In case your cellphone, personal digital assistant, or perhaps handheld device supports the Bluetooth Headset Profile (HSP), Hands-Free Profile (HFP), in addition in the direction of Audio/Video remote control Profile (AVRCP), you should use your Bluetooth capable earphone in favor of much more than only playing streaming music. Also you can make in addition to receive calls, in addition to also manage the device wirelessly.

Next in the direction of mobile devices in addition to PDAs, personal computers are frequent partners of Bluetooth earphones. Wherever a software app necessitates the use of headphones in addition to microphones, your Bluetooth-enabled earphones have in the midst of the intention of taken care of, as well. Speech chatting in addition to also video chatting via such programs as Skype or Google Talk is more effortless in the midst of wire-free use of earphones which are paired or connected in the direction of the notebook or desktop computer via Wireless Bluetooth. The media players are likewise catching up in the Wireless Bluetooth Headset trend. Many of the latest styles of lightweight players: from Mp3's in the direction of DVD in addition to Blu-ray player’s etcetera -- are beginning in the direction of allow in addition permitting Bluetooth functionality. This really is great news in favor of yourself since you can pair your Bluetooth-equipped headsets in the midst of such gadgets in addition to enjoy the electronic music in addition to videos without the presence of cables.

To learn more on walkie talkie earpiece (http://reviews.cnet.com/best-earbuds/) take a look at our webpage.

December 23 2013


What are the Practical Applications of the Emotiv Headset?

The Emotiv headset is a pioneering device that allows a user to interact with a virtual environment by reading his/her ‘thoughts’. Essentially, the device records the brain’s electrical signals and translates your thought-commands into virtual actions.

The Emotiv headset works by employing a device known as an EEG, or electroencephalograph, to monitor the brain waves (and emotional responses) of each gamer, almost instantaneously translating those readings into virtual reactions, movements and responses.

The practical applications could be enormously good, but also potentially hideous. On the plus side, disabled users could have their lives completely turned around, regaining an enormous amount of independence by thought-controlling various household appliances. To develop the idea, paraplegic and quadriplegic users could create thought-controlled virtual avatars and interact with other people in real time.

The potential to revolutionize the world of gaming is also very evident, as Jane McGrath, of How StuffWorks.com, explains,

“If the EEG gaming technology eventually catches on, it could revolutionize the way people think about video games in much the same way the Nintendo Wii did (or perhaps more). On the one hand, with its facial expression interpretations, the Emotiv EPOC attempts to close the gap further between the real world and the virtual world to create a more realistic experience, much like the Wii does. On the other hand, the Emotiv EPOC also tries to bridge the gap between human thought and the outside world to create an experience that's less like reality and more fantastical and dreamlike. The technology behind EPOC eliminates the middleman of motion altogether -- a staggering thought to consider”.

Of the possible downside, which is potentially chasmic, McGrath states.

“Should researchers continue making more breakthroughs to advance EEG technology, it could plausibly lead to computers that can, in essence, read someone's mind. Those with the technology could be privy to the private thoughts, opinions and emotions of others. Granted, this could be very far off, considering where the technology (and our understanding of the human brain) is now. Nevertheless, we can't rule out the possibility entirely. Perhaps we shouldn't dismiss the prospect of Thought Police (like that in George Orwell's "1984") as mere alarmism”.

Frankly, this thing creeps me out. I just don’t like the idea of a thought-activated computer, it makes my skin crawl. But hey, that’s just me. Also, if you’re a male of the species, you’d likely be dredging up porn sites every 7 seconds.

It has also been suggested in some quarters that you’ll be able to simply think of a person and that said computer system will automatically place a call to them. The last thing I want to do is be thinking about some old girlfriend of whatever and suddenly end up phoning her. No, just no. That’s a can of worms that simply doesn’t need opening up, thank you very much.

However, whatever my thoughts on it happen to be (and, for now at least, I have the option to keep them private), the Emotiv Epoc headset will soon be available to the average consumer, priced around $299 (that’s just under £200 to us Brits).

If you loved this write-up and you would like to acquire a lot more information relating to motorola radio earpiece (http://www.soulcommunications.net) kindly take a look at the web site.

December 20 2013


The branded Bluetooth headset are here

Most Bluetooth headsets have essential calling feature like the ability to reply in addition to reject calls, last number redial, in addition to so forth.

bt headsets directSince sound quality is a priority in the midst of headsets, more advanced headsets also feature dual-microphone noise cancellation on behalf of better sound quality. A relatively new feature is multipoint technology, which lets you connect up to two different devices at the same time.

This is useful if you use one headset in the midst of two phones, on behalf of example. Headsets in the midst of multipoint technology include the BlueAnt V1. In addition to speaking of innovative features, the BlueAnt V1 was also the first Bluetooth headset to offer full voice command control.

This meant we could say things like "Call Home" in addition to if you've programmed the headset to do so, it'll do just that. The voice command on the V1 is independent from your phone, so you can use it even in the midst of phones with the intention of don't offer voice dialling, like the iPhone on behalf of example.

There are multiple versions of Bluetooth, in addition to not all Bluetooth specifications are the same, so you might want to make sure your two chosen devices will work in the midst of  each other. All of the newer Bluetooth versions are backward-compatible, however, so as long as you're using the more basic Bluetooth headset features, you won't have much to worry about.

Most products currently work on Bluetooth version 1.1, which offers such basic features as voice dialling, call mute, in addition to last-number redial. The instant you are up in addition to working, you can wait for wonder why you didn't adopt this wireless headset resolution faster.
The liberty to wander from your personal pc whilst preserving voice in excess of World wide web conversations is a thing you are likely to arrive to appreciate in addition to adore.

In 2003, the Bluetooth Special attention Group, a body with the intention of oversees the technology's growth, released version 1.2 in addition to rolled out version 2.0 a year later. Bluetooth 1.2 introduced new features to eliminate radio frequency interference through frequency hopping in addition to added greater security to protect against snooping in addition to tracking.

Bluetooth 2.0 brought higher connection speeds (as much as three times faster, in some cases), improved performance, in addition to less power consumption. Bluetooth headset 3.0 High Speed in the midst of  faster data transfer has also been announced recently in addition to devices sporting the new connectivity standard are expected in the next nine to 12 months.

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December 18 2013


Here one for you, why do People Hate the Sound of Their Own Voice When They Hear a Recording of it?

This question reminds me of that episode of ‘Family Guy’ where Lois hears her voice on tape for the first time and unhappily remarks that she sounds “all whiny and nasal”, this is, of course, an in-joke for the fans watching at home, because Lois does actually sound like that. However, it is a feeling that most of us can relate to.

The sad truth is that, when you hear your voice on tape, you really do sound like that. Sure, the sound is slightly distorted by whatever microphone recorded it, but not to a great extent. You watch police car sirens on TV and then you hear them in real life and the difference isn’t huge, is it?

So, why is this?

Effectively, when you begin to speak aloud, you automatically trigger your pre-vocalization reflex, which is, effectively, a contraction of the muscles in your inner ear (particularly around your ossicles and your ear drum, which are two of the most important pieces for hearing). The end result is a tightening of the tympanic membrane, which dulls the sound of your own voice, causing the familiar, pleasing sound that you only think is the way your voice sounds to others.

So, you are hearing yourself without the dampening effect of the pre-vocalization reflex, which is unfamiliar to you.

The other reason that you may be inclined to hate the sound of your own voice when played back from a recording is probably psychological. Its only a pet theory of mine, but if the voice you hear is different to you and yet still recognizable as you, its a bit like getting an extreme new haircut when you aren’t prepared for it – its a challenge to self image. This actually causes a bit of a dilemma for the psyche, which is probably why it makes us so uncomfortable.

This may also go some way towards explaining that friend you have (everybody has one) who labours under the delusion that they can sing, when they actually have (to quote Billy Connolly) “a voice like a goose farting in the fog”.

Hope that helps, Jean-Paul, (it was a very good question, by the way), cheers!

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December 16 2013


Why is Bluetooth headset better than other wireless headsets?

Users of Bluetooth headset claim that the best convenience offered by it is the wireless mobility without the costs of high power consumption.
Although many other kinds of wireless headphones can be found in the market, Bluetooth headsets have excelled in terms of mobility, convenience and ease.
Some of the common wireless headphones type includes radio frequency headsets that use radio waves for linking two devices (transmitter and receiver). Infrared are another popular wireless headset type and it makes use of the infrared frequency waves to carry out the communication between the two linked devices.

monster headphones dnaBluetooth headsets have successfully overcome the limitations that were associated with both of these devices, like its transmission range can cover a 100 meter radius. Although headphones with Radio frequency can cover a larger radius, they consume high power and therefore aren’t economical.

So if we talk in terms of both, the range and power, then Bluetooth enable headsets win. They can be used with a wide range of devices; media players, game boxes, mobile phones and computers being common examples.

Nowadays, devices that are commonly used with the Bluetooth headset include cell phones and Personal Digital Assistance (PDA). Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP) has also allowed many mobiles and PDAs high quality streaming to the headsets and this means that you avoid the use of wired headsets for listening audio.
Many of them also have built in microphones. If your device supports HSP, HFP and AVRCP, you can use your Bluetooth headset to make or receive calls and gain wireless control over your device.

Apart from these, you can use them with your computer as well. You can use them in place of your traditional headphone or microphone while voice and video chats through your computer or laptop. Many latest portable player models are also beginning to support Bluetooth function.
So you can use them with your Bluetooth headset too. Even the gamers are not behind. The latest generations have also given their players an option of playing online or interact with the social communities. You can chat with your game mates even when game controllers have occupies both your hands.

You can even stay in touch with them while you are away from the game box.
More and more devices are starting to support Bluetooth and so, these headsets will soon be very dominant for playing, listening to music and voice chats etc.

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